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The show I am directing is this week!

Originally posted on Natural Family BLOG:

I have been teaching the Musical Theatre Class at the Cedar City Kimber Academy this term and our show is this saturday!

It has been really fun to work with the students and I have especially loved having my son Ben be a part of things.

Here is the link to the show page: Go HERE.

The Academy Director Threesa Cummings and I were on KSUB Radio to talk about the Family and Mom Friendly Model of Theatre we created at the school.

It has been really fun working on this project!

Jenny Hatch

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Dance at the Zion Conservatory for the Performing Arts!

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I grew up in a home where we were always dancing!

Mom was a DJ and for twenty years provided music and dance instruction in a variety of dance venues. We worked together on many projects and I have to credit her for instilling in me a love of dance.

I am not as limber as I used to be, but I love sharing all sorts of dance styles with my students. This term we are learning to waltz, virginia reel, duke of kents waltz (an old english dance), folk, and the musical theatre dance for the show which includes soft shoe, and a few other styles of movement. All of the children in this class are beginners and have done a tremendous job of learning…

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New LOGO and Tag Line!

Jenny Hatch:

I am thrilled to announce that I will be working as an Artistic Director at the Neil Simon Festival.

We have created a promotional group called the Neil Simon Players that will function through the school year to promote the festival at various venues in Southern Utah.

We have already hired our first set of actors and will be working with them to create a short performance that will highlight a scene from Neil Simons show They’re Playing our Song.

My job is to rehearse the scene and help the actors polish the music.

I was also invited to join the Board of Directors for the festival. I offered to be their blogger for this season until we can find a permanent replacement. If you are a wordpress blogger and looking for work, please contact the festival directors to let us know your interest in being our blogger for next season.

I love musical theatre and funny shows so much more than the classical acting world of Shakespeare, this feels like a really good fit for my musical skills and where I want to go with my own theatrical endeavors.

It will be fun to see what sort of theatrical magic we can produce together. Great things are being planned for this season. This new logo and tag line are a portent of things to come.

Thanks for stopping by!

Jenny Hatch

Originally posted on Simon Fest BLOG:

NSF Logo 2015 for T Shirt
The Neil Simon Festival is thrilled to announce that a new look for our logo and a new tag line will be a part of the 2015 Season!

2015 Season Neil Simon Festival

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Fiddler on the Roof, A Review by Jenny Hatch

Originally posted on Simon Fest BLOG:

FiddlerNeil Simon Festival Founder Richard Bugg scored a hit with his most recent directorial masterpiece on the SUU Stage last night.Rick

My husband and I attended the opening of the show despite a foot of newly fallen snow, because we had been hearing through the grapevine of Cedar City Theatrical Circles that Peter Shams Tevye was not to be missed.

He did not disappoint. 

I have watched this live show produced by amateurs and professionals many times and pulled curtain for it my senior year in HS.

The SUU Fiddler is the best I have ever seen.  The quality of dance, music, and acting was right up there with those who performed in the movie. If you do nothing else this week, take the time…

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Blogging Mothers Magazine Logos

Blogging Mothers Magazine January 2015 Edition is now LIVE!

I just finished up the interactive cover for the magazine I edit.  Since I am the only writer, editor, blogger, radio host, technician, and designer at the magazine, this edition is my baby.  In the past I have invited bloggers, mostly friends, to write content, but it is so time consuming to also be advertiser as well as marketer that I have decided until this online publication actually starts making some money, I am just going to Little Red Hen it myself, because my time is limited and it is faster to just publish when I can find the time and am in the mood to write.

Blog Mom Mag LOGOClick on the image to get to the interactive cover.  Each header will take you to the article indicated.

Thanks for stopping by!

Jenny Hatch


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Utah Common Core test outed with deep ties to racist overlords in the testing industry

Originally posted on Natural Family BLOG:

Stop Common Core Meme by Jenny Hatch 3Kudos to my friend Gary for blowing really hard on his whistle on the Utahns against Common Core Facebook Page.

He said:

Thank you Suzette Lopez in Florida, for your tireless work on behalf of freedom loving parents nationwide, and especially for and behalf of parents who are culturally bound to be silent. Suzette shared this timely gem from the Florida Stop Common Core Coalition:

FlanaganJBWAIR Founder Involved in Racial Eugenics Experiments 

“AIR founder John C. Flanagan, was the chief psychologist involved in eugenics experiments via an organization called the Pioneer Fund, which greatly supported and promoted Nazi eugenics experiments during the 1930s and 1940s, such as paying for a film called “‘Eugenics in Germany,”

Those of us who have been following and writing about the Math Wars in America know that a seriously flawed Sexist and Racist component has been in the works for a long time…

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#Ebola in Liberia – Here come the Vaccine Trials – Radio Show with Putugah Takpaw Phenom

Originally posted on Natural Family BLOG:

Three months ago I produced a series of Radio Shows on the Ebola Fraud.

Kick Ebola

I have quietly watched as the propaganda masters in the media have spun this story.

A young Liberian Man who is now living in America contacted me on Facebook after I had Leonard Horowitz on my Radio show. We began a conversation and I had a witness from the Holy Spirit that he was to be a sort of Paul Revere yelling to the people of Africa through his music and other internet efforts, warning them of the dangers of the coming ebola vaccine.

Since this is the month that the trials for the vaccine are beginning in Liberia, I thought it would be a good idea to have him on the…

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Whole lotta rage against non vaccinating parents right now…

Originally posted on Natural Family BLOG:


Every day the past few weeks I have had something show up on my Facebook feed claiming parents who do not allow their children to be injected with the most noxious of childhood shots, the MMR, are the cause of all that is bad in Western Civilization.

We hear about Disneyland measles outbreaks, bad parent of the month features in the news, and doctors writing passionate posts about how they will refuse families the ability to be included in their medical practice if they refuse one shot.

I cannot think of anything less important to a childs health than a pediatricians care.  In fact, without the parental bullying in the exam room, the child will likely be healthier than peers who get every shot, spray, and drug offered at the doctors office.

Parents and grandparents are waking up to the frauds around the health conspiracies.  Too many damaged children, too…

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